Friday, 28 September 2012


I have had a bit of fun recently experimenting with Mum’s camera, taking photos of this and that, random everyday things. I was walking on the usual path to the main square this morning and I saw a few of the stray cats that I recognise everyday, I took out the camera and snapped a few shots, then thought, why not make a cat photos series. So I continued on, camera at the ready, my cat sensing skills and ninja reflexes (not) allowed me to snap away at the many stray inhabitants of Chefchaouen. Especially in the main square, the cats seem to gather, at least half a dozen of the same are there everyday, so there was no shortage of models.

I love how you can capture the ordinary things that cats do everyday and make them into interesting photos. One of the things that provoked me to do this is my love of animals, which also makes it hard, as there are many cats out there that are not in such a good condition. Especially the tiny kitten you will see in the second photo, must be barely even months old and sits always, curled in a ball on the same flight of steps, barley scraping the height of one step as it stands. Damaged and so ill at such a young age makes me sad, but then of course there are the seemingly healthy and happier cats, which you mostly find around the square.

One of my favourites is the little ginger kitten that is captured in one the photos; it was so inquisitive and playful, clawing at my trouser leg and sniffing at the camera. I enjoyed taking these photos a lot and Heidi, these are dedicated to you, and I was thinking about you and how much you would love watching these cats as much as I do.