Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Wild and Windy

The tarp is flapping with the wind gusts, there is squeaking and groaning as everything is blown about, a chair was just upended, ropes are taut and tested and the trees are swaying. And, the sun shines intermittently; the dark grey clouds racing across the sky. Despite the contrary conditions we still made the most of the day.

Colin and I watched from the rock wall this morning as some courageous jet ski enthusiasts revelled in the wild conditions, pitting themselves and their machines against mother nature.

We also had a welcome visit from some old friends who happen to be holidaying 30 minutes north of us.

After lunch we took Pat out for a spin on some off road tracks enjoying the rocking and rolling of dirt tracks and sandy paths.

At journeys end there was a short trek down to the beach (too far for me to hobble though) where Rachel and Colin had a quick dip. We came back via Main Beach where a lone surfer struggled with the breaking waves and a kite surfer nailed them.

Not tempted by the sea today, Colin and the kids took boards out on our local lagoon to muck around, having some fun on the pontoon out in the middle.

Tomorrow is the last full day for Zac, Heidi and Rachel, hopefully the wind will blow itself out by then. It is not looking good for any surfing though, Zac will have to console himself with the fact that he is coming back up to join us in a week and a half.