Monday, 19 December 2011

food relief

In the spirit of The Beach Boys' Kokomo ("we get there fast and then we take it slow") when we drive north we do long, if  slow ("Dad its sooo embarrassing, even trucks overtake us") days. Saturday was 850 kms to Sydney, then a relatively lazy 500 further to Nambucca Heads yesterday.

Food is a problem. We stop every couple of hours or so, and more often than not do so at a Service Centre. That means fast food. Yes, we've been known to tuck into Maccas for breakfast, and even enjoy it. On Saturday we ventured into KFC. Now I'm sure some people reckon the stuff is OK, the stores stay open so they must do. A few years ago we tried some and decided it was crap so its one of those wide berth places for us. Anyway, I don't know what we were thinking Saturday ... hang on, yes I do, Maria says, "I wouldn't mind trying some of those 'pop corn chicken' things". I thought the chilli relish chicken roll looked outstanding on the display picture.


What a load of absolute rubbish. We laughed ourselves silly at how bad it was, and then Johanna and I were even more amused, when Maria, used to drinking juice rather than soft drink, decides that giving the bottle a little shake before opening was the prudent thing to do ... not.

The Port Macquarie service centre is a regular stop for us and yesterday was no exception. At least there is a Subway there so we enthusiastically tucked into some salad subs ... getting better.

What extraordinary enjoyment then last night when we sat outside in the warm evening sun, broke apart a chicken (Johanna sprints to stand to retrieve it when entering Woollies realising it is the last one!) and feasted on a simple mixed lettuce, avocado and tomato salad with balsamic. Aaah, simple pleasures.