Friday, 30 December 2011


One of the songs I like has the line "I've come to know, that memories are the best things we ever had" Old Pine by Ben Howard.

I was thinking about memories, and I realized that memories aren't necessarily about what you were doing, but who you were with and what you were feeling at the time. Memories are about laughter and tears, family and friends, places you love and places you hate, sand between toes and buildings towering above.

There is always a reason why you remember it, it may have been a moment that you were so happy that you remember it always, it may be because it was one of the most heartbreaking, emotional moments so you will remember it always, sometimes you don't even know why you remember it, but you just do.

I think some of my most important and most preciously kept memories are from when I'm Yurting, because I'm doing three things I love, almost all of the time, being with my family, being at the beach, and relaxing and letting my life in Melbourne go, to just be who I am when I'm on holidays, I don't even have to think about school or anything.

Some things so far that I have in my memory from Yurting trips:

Our first trip to test out the yurt, Inverloch 2009, I remember squishing under an umbrella to get to the toilet blocks and not having the hang of the whole, public showers thing.

Our first proper excursion in the yurt, up to Brunswick Heads and Byron Bay 2009, I remember surfing down the sand banks on boogie boards.

Christmas 2009 in Emerald, I remember our little Christmas tree that sat on the table and a singing dog that I got for our family kk that I sat on a post outside so people could see it when they walked past. And when we went to Sandy Beach, and I had my first really good surf session.

End of 2010 when we spent the weekends at Ocean Grove, I remember riding my bike on the path by the river in the evenings, while the sun was setting, wind whipping through my hair.

Byron Bay, June/ July 2011, I remember boogie boarding on really steep close to shore waves with Ben, a friend from Byron Bay.

And all the nights when the whole family are together in the yurt, playing cards together, laughing, talking, and loving.

These are the moments that I will treasure forever and ever, the happy ones that light up my day thinking about them. This is what makes our trips so special, the memories that are made while on them.