Saturday, 24 December 2011

A song to sing

The grey drizzly day yesterday saw us head back to Coffs, Heidi and Rachel were in the mood to shop! So the girls hit the shops and the boys found some waves at the local beach in Coffs – everyone happy. A late dinner (decided to put up the mega tarp to cover the tent and provide a bit more dry area) was followed by a late night of card playing; 500 won by Zac and Rachel and when we really should have gone to bed we started playing a rowdy game of Blow Fish – hopefully our neighbours are still speaking to us today.

Today was a more typical beach day. We headed to Valla Beach, about 10  minutes away, piled up with boards (surf and boogie), towels, wet suits, food and water and all the rest….. Heidi and Rachel had wetsuits on for 10 minutes and had to get out and take them off – far too hot. Us southerners are not used to warm water! The rest of us had rashi’s, hotskins etc.. which it turns out also provided us with some protection from the fierce sun. Rachel and Heidi got sun burnt despite wearing sunscreen, bummer of a way to start your holiday.

some memorable moments today:

Sweaty bodies slick with sunscreen

Wind whipping hair as it rushes through wide open car windows

Music blaring (I’m sexy and I know it), elbows out windows, laughter

Sand, salt and sea,

Fierce sun, warm water

Crashing waves and peaceful pools

Tired, heavy limbs

P.S Rachel and Heidi say to call this blog My sunburn is sexy and I know it, or the adventures of BBQ back,

They are also branching out to singing;

on the first day of sunburn my mother said to me, apply more sunscreen please

on the second day of sunburn my poor back said to me, more alovera, more moisturiser and a very very bad nights sleep

on the third day of sunburn my back starts to peel, sore, itchy shoulders, more alovera and a whole lot of com-plain-ing

More to come......