Monday, 26 December 2011

Humble Pie

Boxing Day morning, a beautiful sunny day with the promise of sun and warmth We are waiting for Heidi and Rachel to wake up. We are celebrating Heidi’s birthday today instead of yesterday – prolonging the celebrations. She has put in her order for a cooked breakfast, a trip to Coffs for some Boxing Day sale shopping and a swim in the huge swell – (chasing the fun and thrills from yesterday) We’ll stop at Sawtell on our way to Coffs, it has a great expanse of beautiful sandy beach, also lifeguards, necessary to be safe in such huge swell. They put the flags close together, stand in the water to watch the swimmers and you are only allowed in waist deep. Hopefully it won’t be too big and they close the beach.

Well after my going on about Colin always injuring himself I’ve had to eat some humble pie. I don’t know how, but I managed to dislocate my toe in an altercation with a shopping trolley. I knew it wasn't good when I looked down and the top half of my toe was at a curious angle to the bottom half. Though painful it was still a bit numb so I just moved it back to where it should be! I did at least do the right thing and ice it, rest it and try and take care of it (unlike some people who like to go on as if nothing is wrong and make things worse – not naming names or anything) It does mean however that at the moment I can’t put any weight on it – so no going in the surf for me – I have to watch from the beach – Boo Hoo. It also means Colin has to drive me up to the toilet block, it is quite a hike and I can’t hobble that far! The girls are making the most of the free rides too.