Sunday, 18 December 2011


Today, was long.
Today, we were on the road for more than twelve hours.
Today, I achieved five things, listening to music, listening to an audio version of Harry Potter, sleeping, eating and getting a stomach ache after eating KFC.
Today, I discovered my least favourite fast food restaurant  is KFC, chips were soggy and tasteless, chicken tasted fake and it gave me a stomach ache.
Today, we pulled up in Sydney and started setting up for the night. We were converting the mattresses from the caravan to the car when dad started  to hit me with one of the mattresses and we ended up having a mattress fight, yep it's holidays, and we're all in holiday mode.
Today, I realised that I've been off school for a week already but my real holidays only just started today.
Today,  I reflect on my year and what has passed, and I wonder what the new year will throw at me.
Today, I wonder what tomorrow will bring.