Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Feeling All Right

It seems like such a long time since we have been Yurting, July feels like forever ago.

Collecting the van from storage, packing up, the anticipation of leaving and then the long drive up the Hume watching Pat eat up the miles……. and finally we are here.  There is the usual unpacking and setting up to be done, a quick scout around the caravan park and then the obligatory walk to check out the local beach. Johanna had a quick swim and Colin had a quick dip, which is not the same thing as a swim of course, since his doctor said not to swim for a week when he removed the stitches from his leg!

Johanna said after her swim, “I feel so happy now, everything feels right…”

Grey skies today and the wind is blowing a gale. Colin has been fiddling with the awning today trying to make it secure, after an hour or so he gave up, having done the best he can.

Nambucca Heads reminds us a bit of Merimbula – only all the middle class Melbournians are missing. There is not the usual catering to the gourmet loving urbanite tourists up here, it is a bit more like Boganville central. In keeping with the local spirit we dined in a cafĂ© for lunch that my grandmother would have loved (johanna’s jaw almost hit the floor when we said this is where we are having  lunch ‘but there’s all old people here.” The burgers were great!)

We also had a ball in Crazy Clarke's Bargain shop, lots of treasures there. The most fantastic thing was the sun screen – we have a favourite brand (not surprising considering the amount we use), not too greasy or leaving you looking like a ghost, however supermarkets and chemists no longer stock it, and there it was In Crazy Clarkes, a shelf of the now defunct brand. We bought five pump packs, enough to last a while I reckon. Might even restock before we leave. We also shopped for a small Christmas tree and some decorations – cheap, nasty and as garish as we could find, the colour theme this Christmas is pink and purple. Johanna was dying of embarrassment as Colin and I revelled in the crap. Our caravan is going to look spectacular that is for sure!

Late afternoon saw us walking along the beach, wind blowing and waves crashing. Johanna and I walked onto a rocky outcrop, climbing to the top and trying to stay upright as the wind tried to blow us off.

Now we are in our familiar evening routines, Colin cooking dinner (Johanna’s favourite, beef with coriander, lime, soy and teriyaki), me on my computer and Johanna on the ipad or her iphone.

Yes everything feels right…..