Wednesday, 21 December 2011

different matters

One of the intentions of yurting (see home page) is to choose a perspective that changes what matters. It always amazes me how quickly we establish little routines and care about different things.

Yesterday at the supermarket, the friendly check out chick (not as friendly as you Rache) greets us with, "Oh did you forget something?" The idea of shopping for what we need every day didn't really compute so she might say the same again today. One of the regular energetic conversations of the day is what to eat. Yesterday we picked up some marlin from the fish shop when we put in our lobster and prawn order for Christmas. The supermarket run was to get the mint, coriander, chilli, lime, snow pea sprouts, shallots and sweet potato to go with it. Shopping lists matter.

First thing you do when you wake up is look at the sky. Its usually the first thing to mention when you greet someone around the park. This morning, as every morning has been, is clear with scattered cloud. The pattern has been in the few days we've been here, that by late morning the clouds darken. Maria commented yesterday that the way the clouds storm-up here is very 'Coffs'. There is something distinctive about it, probably related to the warm air combined with what we'd normally associate with winter skies. Then the breeze picks up in the afternoon. More so than when in Brunswick, the weather matters.

I'm sitting outside at a cafe table again, while Maria and Johanna sleep as the morning sun tries to squeeze inside the van. The sun rises at 5:40 out east here, so I'm awake before 6. This morning I'll wake them up at 7:30 so we can eat some breakfast before we drive up the coast a bit further to Coffs airport to pick up Zac, Heidi and Rachel. I texted them at 6 this morning knowing they would be waiting at Tullamarine to catch the flight to Sydney. "Happy travels." Heidi predictably texts back, "Too early to be happy, need more sleep."

The day is punctuated by walks and swims. Sunscreen, hats, water bottles. Lunch (trip to the bakery for fresh bread rolls). Cold drinks, snacks. Then there is often some work to be done. Yesterday there was more than I wished for ... but shouldn't complain ...  These things all seems to matter differently.

And waves. So far, nothing ridable. That will change when Zac arrives. The day's routine will adjust ... we'll select a likely spot, load up for the morning and 'live the search'. Sweet.