Wednesday, 21 September 2011

fantasy land

Hello everyone. I have had an extraordinary time at The Do Lectures in Wales. My mind has been going at 100 miles an hour over the last day since we finished, scheming how I will make take on some new challenges in my work for the next season. Even though I've been privileged to have done so much of what I enjoy in recent years I am anticipating ramping things up to a new level over the coming months.

For many weeks now I've been anticipating with great glee the moment when I arrived at terminal 3 at Heathrow to collect Maria. After rising at rude o'clock this morning and negotiating the underground in the early morning dark, that moment arrived. I couldn't believe how gorgeous and fresh Maria looked after 23 hours in a plane.

She had a little snooze this morning then we headed out to take in some of the sights. Did the mandatory drop in at Piccadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square, through St James Park past Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, up and around in the London Eye, back past Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace to the Piccadilly Line home to Earls Court.

We thought we'd watch a movie to try to keep Maria awake but they were so crap we gave up and decided to post a note to you. We're traveling with an iPad, from which we can only load photos to the albums, so while we'll post some notes here, you'll need to go to the albums on my page to see the pics. There are a couple today from our wanderings.

Hope you are all well, fantasy land here.