Friday, 23 September 2011

old universities

We are currently sitting on a train heading down towards Canterbury for the day. Yesterday we also caught a train out of town and headed north to Cambridge. We joined a guided walking tour and got a history lesson of the various university colleges, the famous people who have attended etc...The colleges and chapels are magnificent, Kings College, Queens College and others, such a long history and tradition. Cambridge is obviously the place for the best, brightest and richest in society. We did the obligatory punt along the river Cam where our guide talked non stop for the full fifty minutes on all matter of minutiae associated with the each college, famous old boys and the pranks they got up to etc...

On our way back to London we stopped off at Leicester Square for dinner and found our way back to Jamie Olivers Italian restaurant (which we inadvertently stumbled across in our wanderings around the area a day or so ago) It was a stark contrast to last night, busy, bustling, food for the masses at a reasonable price. The food was pretty good though, despite flogging Jamie Oliver merchandise around the walls. An interesting experience and a contrast to the fine dining of the night before.

While Maria has been writing we've been speeding through picturesque countryside and are stopped now at Rochester. It has been good to get out of London and see a bit of the sweeping hills and villages.

It's a nice day today so we are thinking we might hire some bikes and ride along the foreshore ... We'll wait and see.

We haven't got the cord to connect the camera with us so we'll have to put our photos from Cambridge up later.