Thursday, 29 September 2011

the bus goes east

Sitting at the bus depot waiting for our bus to Evora. We were a bit sad to leave Lisbon this morning, we have had such a good time here and enjoyed staying at our hotel. The one unfortunate thing is that we got incorrect advice this morning re where to catch the bus and had to back track from the end of a train line lugging our cases and when we finally arrived at the right station we couldn't find the bus depot. It was not well signed. Anyway we are here now, luckily we aren't in a hurry to get anywhere!

We had an enjoyable and interesting last evening in Lisbon. Our hotel booked us into a Fado House for dinner and to experience the phenomena of Fado-think folk singing cum opera with a dash of theatrics. A very pricy experience in the end but we figured we won't be doing it again so what the hec. It was just as interesting watching people's response to the singing, it is a bit out of the ordinary for the tourists but a few of the locals really got into it, singing along and obviously really appreciative. The lights dim every so often and the musicians come out (usually three, playing guitar) and each time a different person sings, usually three or four songs. The last woman was obviously the diva, she did have a fantastic voice (and loud) the locals came just to see her I think, they all knew who she was. Needless to say we didn't buy a cd.

Now for our next adventure, Evora and Faro, here we come.