Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Exploring London

Made it to 8pm last night and crashed for nine and a half hours (bliss). We took ourselves to a little local cafe (Greggs Cafe) for breakfast but it was a bit ordinary so we wont be back and then caught the underground to continue visiting the usual tourist sites. We have got the hang of the underground now and can get ourselves where we need to go. We went to the London Tower, Tower bridge, St Pauls Cathedral and after lunch visited the National Portrait Gallery and the National Gallery. Pity we aren't a bit more cultured and could appreciate what we were seeing, can't say I thought all that much of Van Gough's Sunflowers, but Some of Monet's were impressive. The portraits of Stuart and Tudor Royalty were interesting, amazing clothes that's for sure. But I must say not particularly attractive people.

We tired ourselves out and had to return for a late afternoon nap! We have wandered around our local area a bit (Kensington), got some stuff for breakfast from Marks and Spencer and checked out the local pubs to decide which one to go to for dinner. I am trying to avoid bangers and mash, anything with liver in it, black pudding etc... Fullers Ale and Pie looks like it is the go.
Hope I can make it past 8pm tonight.