Friday, 30 September 2011

beautiful Evora

We only planned one day in Evora. We arrived midday yesterday and left everything in our room to wander around this ancient walled city without backpacks, camera etc. It was hot, so we jumped from side to side along the narrow cobbled streets chasing the shade.

Maria did it again with the hotel selection. Much more laid back than Lisbon, but extremely good. Reception feels like a lounge room, all the food is organic and local, and the staff, including an Australian, are as friendly and helpful as you could imagine. Our room is off a little courtyard (I think Maria just took a picture or two) that is classic mediteranian, terecota tiles, big shade umbrellas surrounded by plants. People sit here and have breakfast, tapas and wine or whatever they fancy.

We are about to check out, and then have a couple of hours before we jump onto a bus for the four hour trip south to Faro.

Another day, another exotic city ... Aaahhh.

One of the highlights of this place has been the food and ambience. It is almost the opposite of our previous hotel, here it is rustic (think Tuscan B and B) with local and organic produce - for breakfast local peaches and figs, homemade jams ( I tried the pumpkin), honey, freshly squeezed juices etc... Last night we went to a small restaurant recommended by the hotel. We sat outside on a warm and balmy evening and shared a huge clay baked pot of a kind of seafood risotto but with lots of liquid (almost soup like) It was fantastic. 
Only problem is we are eating far too much!