Thursday, 1 July 2010

taking in Bryon Bay in June

One of our favourite yurting soundtracks is the Waifs ‘Take it in’, a tune about savouring the moments. It is one of the disciplines we have developed in the times when we are enjoying the good things in life.

When we began thinking about yurting and how it would add a dimension of life we desired, it was days like today that we imagined. We are truly privileged. We try not to take for granted the joys we experience, which is one of the reasons why savouring each moment and expecting no more is part of the yurting discipline …

It was a chilly morning. There was little movement in the park until about 8 o’clock. I made a coffee and Maria, Johanna and I wandered down to ‘the deck’ a platform overlooking the beach. The clear pure water and clean lines of the waves pealing off the point were a wonderful sight. Our friends Gavin and Julie had been out early and were on their way back for breakfast, they confirmed that the conditions were near perfect for beginners.

The normally sluggish teenage Duthies (Zac and Rachel at least) were quick to forego the comforts of bed for the wetsuits and the prospect of some rides. Two and half hours later they returned to our site for brunch pleased with their sessions which includes some of the best waves they had ever caught. Maria, Johanna and I had sat on the beach in the warm morning sun watching them … I couldn’t have imagined wanting to be anywhere else.

After pancakes I took Johanna out and pushed her onto some great little waves as well. She caught some good rides until getting bonked on the head for the second time with her board.

Maria and I went shopping for food for dinner and then we sat outdoors at a café and with a few other couples in the late afternoon until the sun started to disappear. That was Maria’s trigger to head back home, grab the camera and head back down to the deck where we again sat with friends, enjoyed an afternoon drink while the photographers (there are a few among our group) tried to capture the beauty of the setting sun.

Back in the yurt, I then filled the space with Mexican smells as I prepared some tortillas for dinner. The kids are now clearing up and washing the dishes as we contemplate the evening ahead. The older kids are planning to go to the movies for a midnight session, not sure what will happen between now and then, but I am looking forward to letting it unfold.

“Take it in, take it all in. Now is the time that will not come again, take it in, take it all in. This is the day and its here for the living.” The Waifs