Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Spilling over

Yesterday I had a day on my own. Colin left at 4am to drive to Coolangatta to catch his early morning flight back to Melbourne. I slept on and woke up not long before he arrived in Melbourne!

Morning jobs taken care of I wandered along the foreshore footpath admiring and photographing a series of wonderful sculptures. Artscape is an exhibition by local, national and international artists focussing on human interaction with nature.

In the afternoon I followed the headland walking track from Byron Bay past Watego and Little Watego Bays, to the most Easterly tip of Australia and up to the Lighthouse. I was fortunate enough to see a pod of dolphins at play and also some whales. The good work from my walking was undone by the icecream I ate, but it was worth it.

It would have been a perfect day if the others had been here.  It was so strange to be on holiday, so to speak, on my own. Such experiences are much more enjoyable when they are shared.

Well there’s been lots of sharing today. Colin and the kids arrived last night. Today we have shared hot chocolate sitting on the deck overlooking the sea (Johanna showing us her dance moves); have marvelled at the sculptures and the meaning and symbolism the artists are expressing (bought the handbook to help make sense of them); sat in the sun eating our lunch (no sun on our site so took our chairs to an empty neighbouring site); and joined our friends in the search for some ‘surfable’ waves (not a wave to be seen on the beach which borders the caravan park)

And the van and our site are spilling over with phones, phone chargers, mp3 players, cords, shoes, discarded clothes, towels, wetsuits, surfboards……