Friday, 9 July 2010

Trekking South

We have begun the long trek back South. We began packing up yesterday afternoon to keep the tarp and tent dry from the rain forecast later in the day. We also said goodbye to Zac and Rachel at Coolangatta where they caught their flight home. We returned to Byron Bay in time to have dinner and watch the state of origin match at the local Services Club with our Queensland friends. Needless to say we barracked for the maroons.

This morning we finished packing up in drizzle and drove through some wet and wintry patches as we headed South. Johanna listened to the third Harry Potter book on her mp3 player – we didn’t hear a peep out of her. We called it a day at Taree and since the caravan park is not near any shops Colin worked some magic with the odds and ends in the cupboard and fridge.

As we said goodbye this morning to some old friends and some new we consoled ourselves with plans to return next year (powered site a must) There are quite a number of families that make the pilgrimage at the same time each year – looks like we have joined the throng. Not surprisingly quite a few are Victorians.

Despite the ordinary weather, there was some great surfing and we all enjoyed being part of a community of likeminded enthusiasts. Finally we have found ‘the people like us’. Byron Bay in the middle of the year will be a fixture in the diary for a while I think!