Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Surfs Up

We have found a certain rhythm and ritual to our days here. In keeping with our yurting tradition ‘what happens happens’, we take each day as it comes. The state of the surf is a dominant factor – all else fitting around when and where. After a few flat days the last couple have seen some great surfing conditions. The kid’s have all made the most of it. They join a steady stream of wetsuit clad bodies hefting boards headed for the sea from the first light to the last rays. All day the surfers come and go, excitement and anticipation at the beginning replaced by a contented weary at the end. The lure of one more fantastic ride keeping them going – some for as long as 5 hours!

Another ritual is to watch the sun set each afternoon. Here at the caravan park there is a deck right on the foreshore overlooking the sea and distant mountains. Many people gather to sit, sip, photograph and contemplate as the sun sinks to the horizon often casting a spectacular light and colour show.

Heidi is gone, Zac and Rachel leave on Wednesday and then Colin, Johanna and I begin the long trek back south on Thursday. The last few days are precious and the kid’s are hoping that the surf stays good….