Saturday, 3 July 2010

No surf

It has been a cold and dreary day devoid of surf. After a slow morning and a hot breakfast we set out in hope with the boards on top of the Patrol. Everywhere around here is flat; the sea is lake like – the same as yesterday. Zac was keen to surf today so we headed to Ballina where supposedly there might be some surfable waves. They were small but he had fun anyway. Once again we were graced by the presence of dolphins and whales.

It is after six now, cold, dark and drizzly. Colin and I have returned from sitting on the deck watching a non existent sunset chatting with some neighbours. Our caravan is full of teenagers (ours and some others) playing 500, music blaring. The kid’s have enjoyed the company of other campers. They went to a midnight premier screening of the latest twilight movie the other night with some friends and a group of us went to the local services club last night to watch Carlton play. I think Group Pictionary is on the cards tonight. Although the weather and surf has been disappointing the last couple of days we have all enjoyed the community aspect of being here.

Colin has just finished peeling the prawns, the caravan has emptied of non Duthies for the moment and dinner is on the way – stir fried prawns and vegies in a peanut and lime sauce. And best of all – we have plugged into our neighbours power outlet (with their permission) and we have lights, all power points working and the heater on! (the lack of sun meant that we were struggling to keep the battery charged)