Monday, 5 July 2010

to market

Today we went to the Byron Bay Market. It was full of life and an exciting place to be. I wished to be in no other place, looking around the stalls with the three other kids from one of the other families we’re camping with, Teagan, Chris and Ben was great fun. I bought two t-shirts, one for my friend, who’s birthday is coming up and one for myself, three little wrist and bracelet things and two packets of little jelly crystal things, which Teagan, Chris, Ben and I had fun playing with this afternoon.  We bought organic doughnuts, which were extremely nice and listened to some music a man called Juzzie Smith was playing. His music was catchy and very “Yurty”.

When we got back from the market we went down to the beach with the family with three kids. Rachel and Zac surfed for three and a half hours and I went in the water for half an hour with Ben, the oldest of the three, the same age as me, we played in the waves. Then it started to rain and it was fun to watch everyone on the beach grab their belongings and head for the showers. The beach was practically empty but we stayed in the water for a bit. Then we got cold and went to have a shower like lots of other people in the park were doing.

We had leftovers for tea and now we’re sitting down writing our blogs.