Saturday, 10 July 2010

transition back to urbanity

We are in Holbrook. The sky is clear and starry. The air is crisp and cold. We are 800 kms down the road from Taree where we slept last night. For most of the trip we have travelled in silence ... thinking about everything and nothing. As we creep beyond Sydney and venture closer to life in Brunswick we start talking about life; work, money, yurting, dreams ...

We stopped at Gundagai for dinner. I stood and waited for our order to be filled and looked out the window. Pat and the caravan stood there waiting for us to return ... they represent so much more than being a car and a caravan. My overwhelming sense is of thankfulness and pride. We are immensely privileged. We appreciate the unique opportunities we have, and are also conscious of the decisions we have made that have allowed these opportunities. We dream of much more, but at the same time are satisfied with today.

We are sitting in the warm. Maria and Johanna are playing cards and talking about Harry Potter. (Johanna has been listening to the ebook on the way south.) I have been checking emails, a very long list since I've only dealt with urgent ones the last two weeks ... and as I do so the other realities of life come rushing back in.

Home tomorrow. Time to embrace other challenges and opportunities. I return with greater clarity and clearer goals for the next 6 months than I have had for some time ... the work and discipline starts Monday.