Friday, 9 July 2010

Sand in my Shoes

Today was spent unpacking and getting back into normal life. Although it was nice being back home in familiarity, I couldn't help but miss being on holiday at the beach. Today I had a shower with the water pressure and surroundings I am used to, but it just didn't have the same satisfied, post-surf feeling as the last 15 I've had; no physical exhaustion, no thongs, and no struggling to get a wet suit off. This trip was slightly different to previous ones, our sociable family had made friends with some "regulars" at the caravan park last year after I had left so this time instead of being with just the family we spent alot of time with other people. I wasn't sure whether it would be better or worse or just different but luckily the people there were very friendly and fun to be with. It was also great to know other people in the water while surfing, almost all of whom were better than I am. I can't really complain too much; tomorrow I head down to Phillip Island with some friends for a few days although I somehow feel it won't be quite as beach based with 12 degree water and no wet suits (except mine). The surf is actually meant to be pretty good though, so I might take the short board out one morning and see what happens.