Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Port Macquarie

A drizzly night and the prospect of a grey day saw us packing up a day early and heading south to Port Macquarie. The consensus was that we had seen and done the things we wanted to at South West Rocks and it felt like a good travelling day. So began the whole pack up, drive and unpack routine. This time the unpacking was done amidst alternating showers and sunshine, accompanied by a sticky humidity that left the air feeling damp.

Unpacking done we made a beeline for the local beach (Lighthouse Beach). Colin and Johanna could hardly contain themselves as hand in hand they hurried onto the beach and into the water – a very chilly water. A quick dunk and they were out! Wetsuits will be a must.

Map in hand we followed the coast road stopping at all the beaches on the way for a bit of a reconnaissance – which beaches have the best surf conditions. There are quite a few. We ended up at Town Beach, not surprisingly in the middle of town, scouted out a Chinese take away and ate our dinner watching some beautiful waves roll in and some local surfers nailing them.

Tomorrow Zac joins us again, something we are all looking forward to. Tomorrow Rachel turns 18, she is currently with my family in Tassie. Tomorrow Heidi will be working all day (as she will be all week) earning some final dollars before heading to Asia on the weekend. As our family gathers and scatters, the memories made, like this Christmas, are all the more precious.