Friday, 13 January 2012

Pat goes Adventuring

Today we loaded up Pat and took the road north to Crescent Head. We wanted Zac to see the iconic beach (listed as one of the best surfing spots in Oz). Although the swell was small in the morning the forecast was for a big change around noon, though there was some debate about whether the huge southerly swells would glide by the coast and miss our string of beaches. (if the huge swell eventuated there would be some impressive surfing to watch at Crescent Head)

Colin and Zac had some fun on the small waves but the huge swell never came our way. We decided to take the coastal road back south (unsealed) and check out the coast along the way. We stopped at Big Hill (recommended by a surfer Colin got talking to at Nambucca Heads) and Point Plomer.

Big Hill

Pat bumped his way along the corrugated tracks. At Point Plomer we decided to take the four wheel drive track back south rather than retrace our steps and come back via the highway. The track soon deteriorated, corrugation giving way to huge pot holes, rocks and a roller coaster ride.  The gravel and rock then gave way to sand, Pat coming to a stop in the middle of the track. Colin had to get out and let some air out of Pat’s tyres while the rest of us gathered some wood and sticks to put under the wheels to provide some traction. Adjustments made, Pat powered through. Our only regret was that Rachel was not with us to enjoy the adventure. She would have loved it.

Adjusting the tyre pressure

And away he goes

After all his hard work Pat was rewarded with a ferry ride at the end. The track ends on the North Shore Beach here at Port Macquarie, where a quick ferry ride is required to get across the river. Finally Pat looked like a real 4WD, dusty and dirty. I wonder if he enjoyed it as much as we did.

Ferry ride