Thursday, 12 January 2012

Koala's and Beach balls

Just as we were getting ready for bed last night we heard a fierce growling and grunting; a wild animal? As we guessed, it was a koala. Colin was lucky enough to spot it with a torch as it ambled (fast for a koala) up a tree. This morning we discovered it had migrated to a tree right behind our van. This afternoon we managed to get a photo as it momentarily and sleepily moved position ever so slightly. At least its faced moved from behind a branch more to one side at the same time as it stretched a limb. Most likely that’s it for today!

Zac had a lizard basking on the sun warmed floor of the tent awning this afternoon. He wisely checked to make sure the tent was zipped tight. You wouldn’t want that in your sleeping bag.

Apart from the wildlife at this caravan park, Johanna also discovered that once upon a time you flushed a toilet by pulling a chain. The first time in the bathroom she wasn’t sure what to do. Her other great discovery this week was a van at the beach giving out large freebie beach balls (advertising). BB, as she has affectionately called it, has provided hours of enjoyment (without the necessity of a parent – even better)

Colin and Zac booked themselves in for a surfing lesson this morning, to get a bit of advice and some pointers. Hopefully they will have some time over the coming days to practice. Speaking of practice, Zac is currently taking Pat for a drive (and Colin). He learnt to drive in an automatic and wants some practice in a manual. They have to gone to check out Rainbow Beach which is where the surf instructor said would be the most likely place to have the kind of waves they need to practice on.

Last night after dinner, as we drove back to the caravan park, we called by Town Beach and arrived in time to see a full moon break through the clouds spilling a cool pale light over the ocean and from our vantage point at a lookout, a beautiful old pine tree. In light of our fixation this time away with Ben Howard’s ‘Old Pine’ a photo attempt was a must. We also called Rachel to say a final Happy Birthday and it seemed fitting to do so from that place – considering her love for the song.