Monday, 16 January 2012

emotional cocktail

Got so much going on … not sure I’ve got the mixture right but here are the ingredients:

Heidi just arrived in Bangkok, won’t see her for nearly 6 weeks - anxious and happy.

Rachel, in our house in Brunswick on her own until Zac arrives home tomorrow night – being home alone for people like me and Rache is not a happy thing – sympathy.

A week with Zac here around Port Macquarie living the search (thanks RipCurl). Lots of energy spent, plenty of cursing onshore winds, hardly any good rides all week, frustrated at knowing I’ll always be a learner.

I’ve booked the busiest 6 weeks of consulting I’ve ever delivered. 5 clients, 5 trips including 3 international, no margin before early March – nervous and determined.

The end of 4 weeks in the yurt. I love this home away from home – lots of bruises, cuts, meals, roads, villages and towns, a stack of blog posts and some amazing photos from Maria to remember it by – way thankful.

The prospect of packing up in the rain and setting off for the long slow trek home, and then the routine of cleaning, returning the van to storage, and preparing for first of the workshops – joy of joys.

Huge messy waves today, no chance of riding them, gave way to frolicking in the white water in our wet suits in a hail storm with Johanna and Zac while Maria walked along the coastal track back home … all soaking wet – tired, very tired, but nothing some Latina pasta and a fresh pan of amatriciana sauce couldn’t put a dent in.