Sunday, 1 July 2012

now I remember

True to the forecast, mid afternoon yesterday the rain stopped, and before you could say ‘where’s the sunscreen?’, the sky was blue. We felt sorry for the many people who had to pack up and leave today, but on the plus side, in the changing of the guard, more of our friends arrived today – perfect timing. The swell dropped, and by afternoon the wind had gone and the view from the deck was dominated by glassy banks, dotted with board riders and the famous Byron Bay sun set against clean mountains across the bay.

The last few days have been OK, but as I stood alone on the deck and surveyed what lay before me, my soul sighed as I remembered why we come here. This is a special place.

Yes, the people are an important piece of that; what a wonderful mob it is that gathers here in the winter. But there is also something about the place … it invites you to consider what really matters. Yeah, its kinda rainbow-y and all that, and that’s part of it, but there is a reason that people who are creative, alternative and peace loving congregate here east of everything. The walk to the lighthouse on the most easterly tip of Australia is more than leisure, its almost pilgrimage.

Tomorrow is market day. It has become a happy ritual to wander through town and soak in the colours, smells, ambiance, and maybe grab a coffee and sit in the grass while Juzzie does his one man band thing.

Check out some of Maria’s shots from this afternoon;