Saturday, 30 June 2012

It's raining, it's pouring.....

Two days of continuous rain followed by a third day of scattered showers.

This is what we have been doing;

Colin has been working a lot while Johanna and I sleep in, play ‘ticket to ride’ on the ipad (new game), read, and surf the net

Colin and Johanna have ventured into the water, other forms of exercise include running from the deck back to the caravan when it starts to rain, and walking/running along the beach to avoid being swamped by waves as they crash into the eroded bank

We have watched surfers conquer and be conquered by the large swell, driven along the coastal road and watched the huge waves crash to the shore depositing a carpet of yellow foam and seen dolphins jumping and frolicking in the massive waves.

On the not so good side…It is hard to get anything dry (not much fun drying yourself on a perpetually damp towel), we had to buy different tent pegs to anchor the tarp – the sodden ground won’t hold the usual pegs and the washing is piling up.

Not much chance really to take photographs, apart from through windows (caravan and car), though Colin did offer to hold the umbrella for me while I took a photo, only to have it blown inside out – so much for that!