Friday, 6 July 2012

It use to be Cool

Last night we donned our ‘it use to be cool’ clothes and joined with friends to eat, drink and watch the sun go down. Between us there had been numerous visits to op-shops and reaching to the very back and forgotten recesses of wardrobes – needless to say there were some beauties.

This was followed by State of Origin, obligatory watching up here. Watching blokes smash into each other wasn’t compelling enough to see me beyond half time, although Colin says it was a close and exciting match.

Today, I sat near Main beach watching Rachel and Nic get smashed by the waves on their boogey boards. It looked like 90% getting smashed and 10% getting awesome rides. Johanna ran and somersaulted behind me practicing hand- springs and the sounds of a didgeridoo drifted up the beach – it felt like Byron Bay. (on a side note, on my wanderings to take photos at sunset I have seen people surfing, swimming, running, walking, riding bikes, hauling canoes, doing yoga, meditating and a bloke doing a nudie run to commune with nature in the bracing waves – I made sure to have my camera facing away from him!)

This afternoon I laid myself out on the bench seat on the deck in the sun and watched the clouds float by and when the tribe headed back out for one final surf/boogey board/swim I tagged along to take some photos and watch another day draw to an end.




Rachel and Nic

One thing that is always cool is the sunsets.