Sunday, 8 July 2012

the ease seeps in

It’s been a really good couple of days. Hard to put my finger on why but feeling more of the Byron Bay ease.

Funnily, a work trip to Sydney yesterday helped. A short workshop in the morning using a great tool called the Business Model Canvas, then a stimulating session with my mate Trevor Thomas wrestling with an approach to strategic planning that is relevant for organisations where the team will ‘die in the trenches’ for the cause – traditional vision and gap analysis often seems to do violence in these contexts.

Home to Byron Bay in the torrential rain where a large and noisy group of friends where having dinner at Earth ‘n Sea. Great night, and made better by the football result.

Today was Zac and Jan’s last day, after Rachel and Nick returned to Melbourne yesterday. They and Johanna had a 3 hour+ session in the water with lots of rides and lots of fun … I also had a good time catching waves out front of the deck … as the wind died the breaks became beautifully smooth. All tired and satisfied.

We drove them up to Surfers paradise this afternoon where they will stay the night before catching a rude o'clock flight back to Melbourne. We wandered up the beach for a while and then along the streets where we stumbled onto a night market and then thanks to Urban Spoon found a wonderful little Thai restaurant to fill our bellies for the night drive back to the warm and cosy yurt.

On the plane home yesterday I read the latest Monocle. It’s a ripper; the theme is quality of life in cities. The read left me feeling inspired and refreshed … there is something about the mix of global affairs, business, culture and design that touches something deep within me. Pretty big call for a magazine eh?

One more weekend day before work focus begins to waft in …