Friday, 6 July 2012

happy sounds, crappy waves

As per Maria's recent post, our time in Byron Bay this year hasn't had the same sense of blissful peace that normally accompanies being here. But its all relative; having the opportunity to process and work from here is a privilege we don't take for granted. Every morning as I sneak out of the caravan, don the beanie and make my way to the 'office', the solitude of the table overlooking the beach while I wait for the Cafe to open, I am overwhelmed with gratitude. Our worries, in the scheme of things are trivial, trivial. I know I'm in good shape when the thing most worthy of complaint today was the crappy little waves we've had over the last few days (see below).

Most of the morning I was working and/or on the phone, but this afternoon I switched modes and made the most of the sun and water. I love the sounds of happy voices, and there were lots today ... the screams of delight from the girls as they splash around in the surf, the dinner time (Kasbah chicken curry tonight) banter and fooling around ... and now the laughs that go with poker - M&Ms providing the betting fodder ...  soothing noises.

... and as my mind bounces between the happy chatter in the yurt and the business dexterity needed to keep all the balls in the air, my mate Gav reminds me of our yurting mantra ... "don't rush, don't complain, what happens happens."

Tomorrow I'm commuting to Sydney, the alarm going off at 3:30am will be an unhappy sound!