Thursday, 5 July 2012

A challenge or two

This year at Byron Bay it has been a challenge to remain present and in the moment.

Colin has had a lot more work to do, which of itself would generally not pose too much of a challenge, he seems able to transition from one space to another fairly easily.

It has been other things which have crowded in and consumed our thoughts and emotions. Heidi caught a bad dose of the flu and had to get a friend to take her to the doctor. It was hard to be up here when she was so miserable down there. (I sussed out flights back, just in case, but she got through it)

We had some expected, but the none the less, sobering news on the business front. The next few months will offer some challenges. Colin, ‘the cup is half full’, is viewing it as an ‘opportunity’ to rethink and reshape.

Also on the work front, once we return from Byron, an already jam packed next 7 weeks for Colin continues to get busier. He is at the point of allocating evenings and weekends to cover the work he needs to complete before we head overseas in September. And still the work load increases.

Challenges all round that clamor for thought and attention, time and energy taken from the here and now to manage the soon to come. This is a learning curve we are muddling our way through. It feels distracting and disorienting at the moment. They are, however, challenges that have arisen from choices we have made – combining a small business with our yurting aspirations. It is not always smooth sailing!