Thursday, 6 January 2011


The grey clouds gave way to white ones today, but they were high and transparent so at least it felt more like summer. We headed North today to check out Tathra. A different place but basically the usual beach routine. Colin and Zac rose to the challenge of tricky waves, the girls settled for boogie boards and I tried to capture some of the triumphs and tribulations on my camera.

Colin and Zac headed out the back to try their luck with the decent sized waves but the steep faces posed some challenges.


Johanna didn’t last long on her boogie board, she came to shore unhappy after taking a hard knock to the head. She passed her board to Rachel and once recovered, headed back out to muck around in the waves. Heidi donned my wetsuit and she and Rachel had fun on the boogie boards. There were a couple of pretty spectacular rides.


We had a picnic lunch on an expanse of green grass and then were too lazy to do anything other than lie around. Colin is not one for lying around so he went for a walk on the beach instead. We ended the afternoon at our local beach (Short point) watching a few brave souls try to catch the massive waves. The size of the waves and the amount of white water crashing in pummelled them. The brave, committed and experienced were rewarded with some amazing rides though.

(p.s Zac has showed me how to make my photos smaller so that despite the slow internet connection it doesn't take forever)