Tuesday, 11 January 2011


The rain is falling steadily now and has done so on and off all day. We are back in Melbourne and attempting to unpack and clean the van between the showers as well as clean the house, wash (multiple loads), grocery shop etc… The forecast was for rain/showers in Merimbula for three to four days; that combined with a necessary move to a non-powered site and an inability to use our solar panel (no sun) made the decision to return home fairly easy. Rachel was happy to return, Zac and Heidi could travel back with us and avoid a bus and train trip and we’d also be in Melbourne to see Heidi off on her way to Thailand this week. While disappointing to leave early it also felt like the best thing to do.

Our two weeks in Merimbula felt different than our usual yurting experiences, on reflection for a number of reasons. It felt more like a ‘holiday’ this time. Having six people there the whole time was different and meeting the different needs of so many felt like a juggling act at times. With six there is very little personal space or time. It took longer to get anywhere or do anything. The usual busy first few days did not give way to a slower more relaxed pace.

As usual, when we return to Melbourne Colin and I console ourselves with plans for the next time away. We are planning to head North in the weeks before Easter to Brunswick Heads, a favourite place close to Byron Bay. However there is a lot of living to be done here before we head there!