Saturday, 8 January 2011

hot chocolate

Everyone else is playing 500. I can only take so much of games, so I opted out and instead made everyone hot chocolate with marshmellows.

The weather was good today and we all had fun splashing around trying to catch waves on body boards, surf boards or just body surfing. As per Maria's post, the days have an established rhythm which includes selecting a recipe, shopping and cooking.

We've eaten pretty well, but the last two evenings have been exceptionally tasty. Last night we did Moroccan lemon chicken with a really interesting couscous that had prunes, almonds, lemon and a few other nice morsels. Then tonight Heidi requested barramundi which I did with tomato, lemon, walnut and parsley. Yum.

Dessert was brandy baskets with whipped cream and berries. Yum again. We joked about how much exercise we'd need to do to work off the dessert, not the mention the junk food feast that gets consumed during the nightly 500 game.

Tomorrow is our last day before Zac and Heidi are due to leave. The weather is reported to turn ordinary come Sunday so we're thinking about packing up and heading home, particularly if we can't get a powered site. (We are scheduled to move to a different site on Sunday.) Our solar panel is not much chop when its cloudy.

But tomorrow is a big day ... we're celebrating Rachel's birthday (17th) while everyone is together ... and the weather should be good so the beach will beckon again.