Sunday, 2 January 2011

A Dud Day

Today felt like a bit of a dud day. We all slept in a little later than usual after New Years Eve. While the girls still slept Colin and I walked around the point for a bit and watched the surf crash against the rocks. That was probably my favourite part of the day. There is something about powerful crashing surf and the rocks which weather the battering - violent crashing power meeting its match in immovable, resolute strength.

The predicted warm weather did not eventuate and we had a few false starts about who was doing what when, trying to take into consideration 6 people's wishes. Colin and I found ourselves not really doing any of the things we would have liked while working around the older girls plans which changed frequently depending on the current social scene. And poor Johanna had to fit in with one or the other. Not one of our best days.

Hoping to end on a better note, Colin finally took out his board late in the day only to return saying it was one of the worst sessions he'd had.

Oh well, some days are just disappointing.

Zac and Heidi arrive tomorrow (Jess and Tyla take the bus home in the morning and Zac and Heidi arrive by bus in the afternoon) The thought of having Zac and Heidi here cheers us up considerably and Colin is sooo looking forward to having a real surf buddy.