Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Grey days

It is that time of day again. We have all returned from the showers, Colin is contemplating dinner, the kids are doing their own thing – listening to music or reading and Johanna is writing a story and I am at the computer.

We put Jess and Tyla on the bus yesterday late morning and then headed inland to Candello where the monthly market was being held. The drive there took us through beautiful green valleys nestled amongst hills and mountains, pastures dotted with black cows and ramshackle farm-houses. The light drizzle and misty grey not dampening our enjoyment of the views. We didn’t know it but we arrived just as the market was winding down, however we got an hour or so of wandering around. Rachel and Johanna perused the jewellery stalls, Colin spent half his time standing in a line to buy coffee and we all succumbed to buying gorgeous nectarines after a taste test (very good marketing ploy). We also bought some local honey, some sweets and Rachel a book.

We picked Zac and Heidi up from the bus stop later in the day, got them settled in here at the caravan park, took them on an orientation walk and sat watching the surf for a while before heading to Phil and Carol’s for dinner. This was their last night in Merimbula before heading onto Sydney.

Zac and Colin got up early this morning to find some surf while the rest of us slept on. We had a quiet and cruisey morning lamenting the lack of warmth and sun. The boys were keen to find some waves in the afternoon too (not much on offer today) so we all headed to Pambula. The small waves were enough to tempt the boys in but the girls decided to walk the length of the beach from Pambula back to Main Beach in Merimbula instead. It is probably 5km or so. We laughed at ourselves as the four of us set off all with head phones in our ears listening to our ipods/iphones.

Hopefully the sun will show its face tomorrow, its bright light and warmth chasing away the dull grey of the last couple of days.