Thursday, 7 January 2010

What happens happens

Most days we don't make plans. The weather reports are unreliable, so we wake up and see what the day may hold in terms of weather, make a decision about where to start and let the day unfold as it will. It is such a different way to live than our urban lives.

Having no expectations, letting the day unfold as it will has lots of benefits - dissapointment, anger and frustration are rare, surprises, enexpected delights and contentment abound. Even when we do make a tentative plan we hold it lightly, changes happen all the time. Like yesterday when we planned to head into Sawtell Beach early in the day, Colin taking his computer and working as necessary during the day. That was at 9am, at 1.30 pm we were still at the caravan Park, something important had come up at work and Colin needed to spend the morning writing emails and on the phone. Our Yurting mantra of 'what happens, happens' stood us in good stead. Johanna and I played air hockey in the games room and had a swim in the pool instead. Later in the day we headed to Emerald Beach for a swim/surf (closer than Sawtell). The usual frustration and annoyance at such a disruption to plans was absent, our laid back lifestyle results in laid back emotional responses too it seems. Perspective and expectations are amazing things, their influence is under-rated I think.

If our desire to spend as much time as possible 'yurting' is to continue to be a reality then yurting does not equal holiday. Work is part of the yurting life. Finding ways to marry the two will be crucial.

We spent some more time this morning at Emerald Beach, this time with our neighbours. They are great surfers. Colin had a go on a mal (longboard) and is now coveting one. I saw the photos taken of the mornings surf with a whiz bang camera and now I am coveting one! Seems like not all vices are nullified by our yurting lifestyle.

We are cooking dinner tonight for our neighbours -  a few of our favourite salad discoveries.

Guess who has caught the surfing bug!!  Heidi we are getting outnumbered here big time....

and our new friends showing us how its done ...

and we were lucky enough to have a world (longboard) champion on the same break to ohh and ahh at ...