Monday, 11 January 2010

Sweet 16

This is the view from our caravan park in Tuncurry/Foster. I am sitting in the shade (because it is hot) enjoying the blue of Lake Wallis. This is boating and fishing territory, a very different feel than our previous surfing spots.

Yesterday was moving day; packing up, driving and unpacking. Rachel and Jess arrived safely, negotiating a change of flights in Sydney, one piece of luggage was lost in transit though. It arrived via courier later in the evening.

Today is Rachel's sixteenth birthday. We began the celebrations with pancakes for breakfast.

Then came the usual  preparations and sunscreening for some time at the beach. You may notice that Colin is waxing his NEW Longboard. (Looks like I'll be getting my new whizz bang camera after all!) Unfortunately the surf was poor today but Colin christened it anyway and the girls had fun playing in the small waves. They spent most of the afternoon in the pool while Colin and I shopped and took care of the 'jobs'

All this chilling out is turning Colin's head to mush this afternoon (perhaps he is daydreaming about his new board), he managed to almost back into a car in the Bi Lo car park, missed the turn to our caravan park, pinned in the wrong code for the boom gate...... He is sitting safely in a chair beside me at the moment uploading photos, hopefully his concentration will have returned before he begins dinner - Rachel has requested chicken and cranberry salad and a Pav.