Thursday, 21 January 2010

Joy Ride

Today unfolded, as most do, with unexpected twists and turns. The Patrol was ready first thing this morning so after Colin cooked tomato, bacon and eggs for breakfast we headed back to Salamander Bay to collect it. From there I drove the hire car and Colin the Patrol back to the airport - a journey made slower by the re-painting of the white lines on the side of the road. Hire car deposited, we drove back to the caravan park. There was the morning gone! Our original thought to head to Fingal Bay today did not seem so appealing after all the driving we had just done.

Luckily the girls had other plans anyway. Rachel and Ella are both very friendly and social beings and have struck up a friendship with a group of five families - I wasn't surprised to learn that the 12 children (of the five families) consist of 10 boys, I was happier however to discover that quite a few of them are under 12 years. The girls have been on at us to hire a boat, having never been in one before and being surrounded as we are by boats on rivers and lakes. It so happens that one of the families has a boat and a tube that they tow behind it. The girls were invited for a ride. We could hear their screams of joy from very far away! They had a ball, riding in both the boat and on the tube. Colin and I stood at the waters edge for a while talking with the dad's from the five families (the mums were all out for lunch)

We are about to have dinner - another two salads from our book (one with chick peas and the other  mushroom and spinach) and later we have been invited for drinks with the five families.