Sunday, 24 January 2010

PS & yurting 2010

The PS bit is being written from the veranda of a cabin in Holbrook ... 700km south of where we set off this morning. It has been a long day, 40 degree heat, lots of hills, no air con ... we are extremely thankful for the expansive cloudless sky over a beautiful sunset, the cool air, kangaroos, cows and gum trees below a perfect and bright half moon.

We chose a cabin. The thought of emptying the yurt of chairs, tables, tents, body boards, storage containers and surf boards, and setting up the tent for 1 night was too much. The girls have just run off to jump in the pool as dusk turns into night.

As well as gearing up for life in our other home, we have begun planning our mobile living for this year.

It is unlikely that we will have the opportunity for an extended time away in the next couple of years. Johanna and Rachel will be in year levels where missing school is not ideal (Johanna - year 6 and 7 and Rachel - 11 and 12) Instead we will make the most of shorter and hopefully more frequent excursions.

Our hopes for this year include:

10 days at Easter (somewhere close to Melbourne)

Two weeks in July at Byron Bay (to reconnect with the surfing friends that we met North of Coffs)

One month around September (Sunshine Coast)

3 weeks late Dec/early Jan in Merimbula

We shall see what unfolds.....