Thursday, 4 October 2012

shop til u drop

Today we headed back to the medina to make a dint in our shopping list. Armed with mobile broadband (Colin with the help of Simo managed to get the system Colin was trying to set up finally functional) we felt more confident to wander at will knowing we could consult on line maps to navigate our way back. We also know some of the major medina landmarks now so know what to ask to get the general direction.

We managed to cross quite a few things off our list (gifts for family) and the day was largely uneventful. Colin was very patient, shopping is not his favourite activity, though he did spend quite a bit of time looking at leather belts! He purchased four in the end - guess what you are getting Zac!

Down one alley we heard kids voices and looked through a hole in the wall directly into a small cave like classroom full of little kids. The teacher beckoned us in and we greeted the children in French, Johanna was invited to sit with the children and to have her photo taken. Custom here is if you take a photo like this you give some money - we were more than happy to give a generous 'tip'. There was little in the way of books and resources.

Tonight we are going to attempt to find an Italian place for dinner (in the new town), we are feeling the craving for pasta. After quite a lot of tagine and cous cous some more familiar foods are looking good. Tomorrow we head into the desert for a four day tour finishing in Marrakech (food options will be limited, hence Italian tonight)