Sunday, 14 October 2012

Hollywood in Essaouira and a Beachside Zoo.

Yesterday when we took a stroll in the evening around the small Moroccan coast town of Essaouira Dad became increasingly convinced that there was some sort of filming going on. This was after seeing a few sets, lines of british trucks and trailers, huge food tents and various bright signs around the town pointing in directions and saying things like 'set', 'toilets', 'catering' etc. This morning he decided to take a walk and investigate more, when he returned he asked the owner of the Riad, Sweedish Nicole, who told him it was in fact the television series, Game of Thrones, wow! More than we anticipated.

So after midday we sat up on a surprisingly not crowded restaurant terrace with an excellent panoramic view of the filming which was taking place about fifty meters from where we sat. (Nicole told us about this place, it belongs to a friend of hers) We watched with incredible interest (well I did) as various takes of a scene took place before our eyes. I was intrigued by such organization and precision everything took, and also the patience that was required as first they had to wait for wind surfers to leave the backdrop, then wait for the setting up of camera angles and props, makeup touch ups, etc, etc. but the whole thing left me utterly intrigued. If only I had an amazing talent to be included in the film industry!

As Dad already described we headed off to a beachside cafe which was an exclusive 'secret spot' where Nicole liked to visit regularly. Our first impressions of the man who owned the cafe were made from Nicole's remarks of "he has been married 18 times, and been in prison twice"... Greeeaat! When we arrived at the shack like cafe it became clear he was something more then a player and a prison aftermath, he seemed to have an odd love (or obsession) with animals? Our first sight upon entering was two ducks waddling around, then bang, at least fifteen dogs were scattered around, some near the cafe, some on the beach (including about seven or eight puppies, yes Heidi I had so much fun playing with them!) and then once we had sat down at the table, round the corner he comes with a monkey on a leash not unlike the ones at the Marrakech Markets. (it bites) And later on some donkeys made an appearance as well. Wow! What a handful. I felt quite sorry for the puppies who were covered in sand and the ducks who only had a small wooden box, but they seemed healthy and happy enough. I also pitied the not so friendly monkey who was given a mirror and sat there for at least ten to fifteen minutes longingly staring at its reflection and trying to reach out to it, touch it and even snuggle up against it.

I ended up having lots of fun playing with the adorable (maybe six to eight week old) puppies who were very playful and attention seeking. With huge eyes and small tails.

I hastily disinfected my hands before we left (cautious of puppy diseases that I'm not quite sure they were fully safe of) and we all piled back into the car, Nicole's dog included in the back with me. Goodbye beachside zoo!