Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Geospatial skills doesn't help

It's 2:14am and Mum and I are sitting in the lounge room with a bad case of jet lag. Awake since our twelve hour sleep last night we sit weary eyed and frustrated, eating chocolate and watching trashy television. We have come to the conclusion that laying in bed wide awake is not doing much good.
Jetlag brings on some bad extremes, I have turned to many things in my desperation for sleep, including reading the geospatial skills chapter of my humanities text book, yes i know, very sad. I have read three different books, gone to the toilet multiple times, counted up to 768, counted breathes and sheep. Thought about the happiest things i could which always ended back at "I CAN'T SLEEP!!", tossed and turned at least a hundred times and made several trips to Mum and Dads room for cuddles.
I gave up on the school tomorrow at 7:00am a while ago and switched the alarm to 9:00am.

Our last day in Abu Dhabi was spent in Dubai, water park first and then to the Dubai Mall. It was fun, exciting, and most very excessive, which Dubai is. Followed by a 14 hour plan trip back to Melbourne where we were not so happy to land. Coming home means work again, school again, routine again.

The channel has turned to America's Funniest Home Videos which seems to be an episode from the 90's, great, quality television! (not).
As we sit out he next few hours hoping for sleep I think about what is to come now that we are home.

Goodbye, I will miss you holiday!