Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Change of Pace

It is our last day in Morocco, well tomorrow we'll be travelling by bus and then train from Essaouira to Casablanca and then in the evening a plane to Abu Dhabi. So the last non travelling day anyway. Unfortunately Colin is feeling a bit under the weather, the usual tummy upset but a temperature and general unwell feeling to boot. Not the way he would choose to end his time here. So he is having a slow day.

Johanna and I have ventured out and about, walking down to the docks and watching a fishing boat unload its haul and the locals gather with their plastic bags or buckets to grab a bargain before the fish gets hauled away in refrigerated vans. It is busy, bustling and smelly. Later, we wandered the medina making some last minute purchases and had another go at the henna, this time for a fraction of the price we paid in Marrakech and will hopefully last more then a few days - who knows!

Colin joined us for some lunch on a terrace overlooking the square and the sea - relaxed and leisurely. Essaouira has been a welcome rest and a pleasant stay, Morocco with a European feel, and plenty of good pasta and a French restaurant (with four little kittens) just what we have felt like......

P.S Johanna is complaining that she feels unwell too, tomorrow could be a very interesting day!