Friday, 9 April 2010

Shades of Grey

I think we must look a bit odd. The three of us are sitting in a cafe, busy with the lunch hour rush. Everyone is talking or eating; it is busy, noisy and somewhat chaotic. Groups are coming and going, chairs are being moved, it is someones birthday. And the three of us are all sitting in front of lap top computers, each in their own world for a while; Colin working, me writing and Johanna surfing the net. We came here specifically to do this, together yet alone. The large glass windows overlook the sea, you get a view up the coast and the coffee is good.

As I stare out I see shades of grey. The sky is grey/blue mostly covered with low lying clouds, the sea is grey/green with white caps of surf all the way to the horizon and the sand is grey/brown. Grey and muted. Every now and then the sun blazes through transforming the landscape with light and warmth. Today has felt a bit like that, muted grey with a periodic burst of sun.

We packed up this morning, set for the day. The beach, of course, was our first destination. Colin went for a surf, Johanna and I for a walk. Then Johanna donned the 3/4 wet suit we bought late yesterday at 30% off and had her first surf for a while. She loved it. We should have got the wetsuit earlier in the week. Of course this just may mean she will be happy to stay for a bit longer!

Surfing done, we took the bikes off the back of Pat and followed the coastal path, first west , then east. Johanna had had enough 15 minutes in. I love riding; the feel of the wind in your face, watching the world go past, thinking your own thoughts, some solitude for a while......the very reasons Johanna dislikes it. She’s bored after 10 minutes, with no one to talk to and no interaction. She continued reluctantly, pedaling off in a huff. I ignored her, Colin, ever the peace maker, played the fool. She complained, “Dad stop making me laugh I’m trying to be angry” His reply, “Well you’re not doing a very good job of it” Her giggles lightened her mood and she roared off leaving us behind.

On our return she said “well I’m ashamed to say I enjoyed that, riding fast is fun. If you want me to ride fast you just have to make me angry”