Sunday, 4 April 2010

Home and gone again

Another first this time around was a return home overnight yesterday. It was kind of disorientating to be home for one night. We returned Bella to her family, washed and dried clothes and packed the surf gear that we obviously didn’t need in Daylesford. The plus side though was how easy it was to leave this morning. We just parked the caravan, still hitched to the Patrol, outside our house and all was ready when we woke up this morning.

Colin, Johanna and I have set up in Ocean Grove today, done the grocery shopping and had a quick look and walk along the beach - blustery is an understatement - despite the sun the wind was cold and blowing a gale. And there were people swimming without wetsuits - madness!

Colin is cooking dinner now, the smell of coriander wafting and filling the caravan. He has been inspired by a recipe of Jamie Oliver’s via podcast. It smells divine. Besides dinner, we are looking forward to Zac, Heidi and Rachel joining us later tonight. Rachel arrives back from Central Australia this evening, Zac and Heidi will collect her up from the airport and then drive down to Ocean Grove. Johanna is also looking forward to a visit from the Easter Bunny tonight. The next couple of days will be filled with kids, chocolate, surfing and photography, something for everyone.