Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Chasing the Setting Sun

Yesterday we headed West, hugging the coast, to Torquay. The surf beaches along the way are truly beautiful - wide, open, long stretches of sand and surf dotted with clusters of black bobbing surfers astride their boards. The Rip Curl Pro Surf tournament is on at Bell's Beach, we had thought to stop and watch for a bit, but the cost was a bit steep for a family of 6 and we were due to meet friends for lunch anyway. We caught up with the Inders (long time family friends) who traditionally spend the Easter Weekend camping at Cumberland River with friends. As always, it was good to catch up. On our return to the car, Colin and Zac did a double take as Kelly Slater walked past. While name dropping, they also spotted Jarrod Waite at the beach the other morning!

As the sun began to set that evening Rachel had us all searching for the perfect shot for her media project. She had cajoled Zac into posing - her aim - surboard in hand, on a lookout point with the sea and setting sun behind him. Finally 13th beach provided just the right spot. Mind you, she had already rejected a few possibilities and we were racing against the setting sun. Things were getting a bit testy, she knew in her mind what she wanted and was not satisfied with anything less. But her perseverance paid off. I managed to get some pretty good shots myself (the setting sun that is, not Zac) Her comment after the successful shoot - "sorry guys for being a bit of a bridezilla back there"

We celebrated success and our last evening together eating out in a cafe overlooking the Ocean Grove Surf beach.

This morning started early with a surfing session for Colin and Zac. I accompanied them to try and get some surfing shots.

Later, with an eye on the clock we drove into Geelong to drop Heidi and Rachel at the train station. Heidi had to be back in Melbourne for work and Rachel was keen to get back to catch up with friends and pick up urban life after a couple of weeks away. True to form, Rachel realised as she stood in the queue to buy a ticket that she did not know where her wallet was!