Wednesday, 27 June 2012

arrived and then being here

We arrived yesterday, but we are not really ‘here’ until a few things happen.

Set up.

Normally a well worn routine but we hit a hurdle yesterday. Our awning got trashed in the gale at Port Fairy over Easter so since then our insurance company has come to the party and this was the first unfurling. So we unwind, only to discover that the holes were not drilled into the roller allowing us to put in the support poles. A phone call to Hardings, our caravan service company and they got onto it trying to find a mobile repairer to come and complete the job. No luck. What happens happens.

Say hello.

Wonderful to say hi to people, recognising faces from last year and warm greeting with those we know better.

Stock up.

Stock the fridge and plan for dinner … we have a little tradition where first night after arriving we do a little Jamie Oliver number with load of ginger, coriander, chilli etc and a touch of blackbean sauce with beef and egg fried rice. Always a bit different because I don’t follow a recipe, more the concept. Last night was good, but not the best we’ve done.

Finish setting up.

The second day is about fine tuning, getting all the ropes, tarps etc in place … today with the expected rain coming we got out the mother tarp and created a decent undercover area. As painless as putting up a tarp can be. Just could have done with an extra 6 inches so the water dripped onto the garden rather than the slab, which of course slopes back toward the caravan door. One of the wet suit tubs under the dripping should do the trick.

Maria goes for a walk

We have not really arrived until Maria has donned the sneakers and strode purposefully to a point, a lookout, or just a respectable distance along the sand. Check.

Get wet.

So it took until late afternoon, but Johanna and I joined the other desperates and caught some waves.

So now we're really here.

And now its back to work … report to push a bit further and a proposal to write.