Monday, 28 June 2010

Beans and honey

Yesterday we did all the hard work of setting up, working out the optimum use of space on our site and putting the large tarp over the areas we want to keep dry. We took a lot longer than our neighbours – they were more of the bung it up and go catch the surf kind of people. We were still adjusting tarp poles when they returned an hour or two later!

Today we did the shopping, set up the solar panel and then set off for Bangalow for a lazy Sunday afternoon. The forecast rain turned out to be light drizzle on and off all day, although the sun won out for a while in the afternoon.

Bangalow was awash with people and later we realised why when we stumbled upon the monthly market. Colin found the same coffee beans he enjoyed last time we were here and we found the same bloke selling honey. We made purchases from both of them. (unfortunately the resident peacock-like birds spilled half of the coffee beans on the ground when we left the package sitting on our outside table for a few moments to say hello to friends who had arrived)

We have re-connected with the friends we made over summer and been introduced to some new families. We watched the tail end of a sunset from the deck area of the caravan park. Colin is now cooking a new recipe he saw on tv last week – some kind of Brazilian dish with fish – smells good.

Tomorrow morning Colin flies back to Melbourne for the day (a previous work commitment) and the kid’s will fly back with him in the evening. Then our van and our site will be spilling over – but it will be a good kind of spilling, we are both looking forward to ‘adventuring’ all together again.